terça-feira, 22 de agosto de 2006

Grande Tusa

You see what's interesting is that in quite a lot of the writing about you, people say, well the thing about Piano is that he avoids theory, he avoids intellectualisation, indeed he's almost anti-intellectual. But from what you're saying - and I know we're not talking about theory - but what you're saying is not anti-intellectual. Now was there one particular period in your life you think that you deliberately almost fostered an image of excessive practicality?

Yes, of course, because, because you, first because you change. And being the son of a builder I enjoyed, in a quite snob way in some ways, to be a son of a builder, especially in an environment where sometimes architects been played a bit too much the artistic role.

Excerto de uma entrevista de Renzo Piano a John Tusa. Oiçam-na, esqueçam o transcript. Acabo de me aperceber que para entendermos realmente a obra de Renzo Piano, para conseguirmos sentir o seu espírito verdadeiramente, para vermos muitas das nossas dúvidas respondidas, temos necessariamente de o ouvir falar inglês. Impagável.

Os arquivos deste John Tusa têm que se lhe diga. Carlos Vaz Marques, step aside, please.