segunda-feira, 29 de novembro de 2004

Também já não acredito no Pato Donald

«Whatever the appeal of Disney's lands, as a political ethic it represents the tyranny of engineered happiness and consensus. It is undergirded by the fundamental notion that conflict disrupts the satisfaction of consumption and hence the constrution of identities through the purchase of yet more artifacts. Instead, conflict is essential to maintain a democratic society, which is why Disney's attempt to achieve cultural legitimacy through programmed versions of history and through architectural patronage is so troubling. By 1995, Disney controlled one of the biggest television networks in the United States, ABC, which would put major newscasts into its hands. Disney's linkage of freedom and free-market spreads into more realms while its architectural patronage reinforces its cultural image as benign and innocuous.»

Architecture After Modernism, Diane Ghirardo, 1996