quinta-feira, 25 de agosto de 2005

Freddy vs. Jason 2

Eisenman: I think a beautiful building is a modern building.

Krier: That is a contradiction in terms.

Eisenman: Who is to judge?

Krier: You!

Eisenman: Then there are no judges?

Krier: One must be one's own judge because other judges are unreliable.

Eisenman: But you once one said that people who design modern buildings will probably burn in hell. You then become their judge.

Krier: Yes. Rather, they force others to live in their hell.

Eisenman: How can you know that? Who puts you in touch with those facts?

Krier: I just observe how and where architects live; they rarely live in their own buildings or in new towns. That is only a fine point.

Eisenman Krier / Two Ideologies