quarta-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2007

A blogosfera é isto, meus amigos

Andava à procura das entrevistas de Frank Lloyd Wright a Mike Wallace, mas parece que as ditas estão no circuito comercial e à venda na Amazon e fora do YouTube. Mas não se perdeu tudo, porque me deparei com esta entrevista a Nikos Salingaros, no 2Blowhards. Faço notar que só tive tempo para ler estas duas primeiras respostas, mas hão-de concordar que a coisa promete:

2Blowhards: How do you react to contemporary architecture?
Nikos Salingaros: Contemporary architecture is all wrong. Since the 1920s, all they have been saying is based on myth and superstition -- there has been not a single verifiable and testable idea. When you try to verify or test them they all break down and are shown to be false. The field for 80 years has been based on falsehoods.

2B: But for 80 years these people have been flourishing. That's a kind of Darwinian triumph, no?
NS: They're doing well because from the 1920s architects caught on to how to propagate ideas without the ideas necessarily being true. Le Corbusier was a self-made propagandist who worked in advertising more than in architecture. He published an advertising magazine, and was a pioneer in advertising and propaganda more so than in architecture. He was one of the original people who developed methods of propagating ideas mainly by visual means. And these things catch on. We have the whole advertising industry which promotes things that are either useless or harmful to our health. But we buy them because there is a science of advertising, of brainwashing people to create a demand for a product that's not needed or to promote a product that's damaging by encapsulating it with something that is attractive.