sábado, 8 de janeiro de 2005

What if?

«- So which contemporary programme would you really like do dramatize through architecture?

- A car park. The only open spaces in a city are parks and car parks. Maybe they might be the same thing. Maybe car parks could be a new hybrid urban typology. Perhaps the most mundane pf programmes could become the most significant. What if these non-places become places? What if these crossover points between private and public dramatized the change from individual to collective? What if the car - traditionally seen as anti-urban - became a friend of the city? What if the enthusiasm of custom car design spilled over from the fender to the tarmac? But you know, I wouldn't turn down those art gallery and concert hall type of projects in the meantime»

Sam Jacob, em entrevista à A10.

Sam Jacob é membro da FAT, que basicamente é um grupo de pessoas que se dedicam à arquitectura e arte sem recusar nenhum tipo de influência. Seja ela qual for. A FAT tembém produziu o internacionalmente famoso How to become a Famous Architect.