quarta-feira, 6 de julho de 2005

O fim de uma era

(...) Few would disagree that we are all post-modernists now – though few, thank goodness, are adherents of PoMo. For all Richards’ belief that architecture was becoming more plural towards the end of the Modern period, to many it seemed to be increasingly grim, bureaucratic and dull. PoMo was an early and noisy example of the many imaginative theoretical and built reactions against tired official Modernism (and each other) that have made the last quarter of a century so multi-faceted, culturally productive and challenging. (...)

Setting the Scene for the Future, Peter Davey, in Architectural Review March 2005

Peter Davey abandonou o cargo de director da Architectural Review, cargo que ocupava há 25 anos. A revista dedicou-lhe um número, ou melhor, entregou-lhe um número em jeito de despedida. Foi em Março, e chama-se Davey Reflects. Obrigatório.