quarta-feira, 10 de janeiro de 2007

Como não amar este espírito?

Yet Wright's publication of these two seminal designs in The Ladies' Home Journal, a popular women's magazine with a national readership of one million (...) and great influence among homemakers, rather than in a professional architectural journal, was nothing if not carefully calculated. Indeed, for the rest of his career Wright would consistently present his designs for domestic living to the widest possible audiences - direting his accompanying texts to those considering building their own homens, and to home building companies, rather than to the architects who might be employed to design them. Through the Ladies' Home Journal, House Beautiful, House and Garden, House and Home, Life and other homemaker magazines (...) he developed long and close relationships, Wright presented his ideas directly to potential clients, while also avoiding being represented as part of a larger a more anonymous architectural profession.

Frank Lloyd Wright, Robert McCarter, Reaktion Books, 2006